In the focus of national and international regulations we are pleased to advise architects, building contractors, as well as the party giving the order in all questions of the stadium layout. Taking all the specific local facts into consideration it is our main target to minimize construction costs!

    The IAAF regulations are based on binding clauses and recommendations. The focal point of our consulting is to find the requirements for an optimal cost benefit ratio. Sometimes it truly makes sense to contact the IAAF administration directly in advance to negotiate exemptions.

    Our advice is available during all phases of the project.
    We offer a full scope project support including stadium's layout and blueprint.

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    Computerized precision survey systems of the high-end class are an excellent guarantee for an outstanding process.

    The tolerances for international athletic grounds are much tighter than those for general buildings according to ISO. Why is that? Only very small tolerances can guarantee equal conditions for international competitions.


    For example:
    The tolerance of a 400m lane is -0 / +4 cm.
    Regarding the target size of 400.02 m this means a tolerance of just 0.005%.


    To serve our clients we offer the entire scope of special surveys like

    • civil  engineering
    • process and construction survey
    • surface and level survey
    • classification survey
    • last not least The Report of Measurement  required by the IAAF



    Linemarking is truly the 'King's discipline'  of each international sports facility.

    An excellent technical equipment and an outstanding experienced skill is necessary to be successful on the first trial.
    - A correction of faults is nearly impossible!

    The reputation of each sports facility - presented in Television's & Broadcasting's general public - is mainly based on what is mainly visible. Therefore the linemarking's quality becomes an outstanding value.
    So, this reputation is truly determinated by your choice.

    We can give a help
       - there is a deep gap between
    quality and a cheap & poor quality!


    With more than  
    575 sportfacilities for more than 50 nations   the Behr Company is running the most impressive reference list in the industry.

      • From A  to Z
        • from Abu Dhabi to Wyk of Föhr
          • from Algeria to Ex-Yugoslavia

    There is nearly no letter in the alphabet that is not represented by a city or a country with a Behr's  athletic ground.

    Of course we are proud about our market share:
    In the 30 years of company's history we became world's market leader in the high-end segment. There are more than
    40 sites with an IAAF- Certificate as well as 8 Olympic Stadiums - Made by Behr.


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  • Olympiastadion Berlin   

  • National Stadium Kuala Lumpur

  • Norway Standard